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Creating a Correction Subscription

Correction Subscriptions allow Affiliate Advertiser Pro to correct commissions in your CJ Affiliate account. Affiliate Advertiser Pro identifies whenever you are owed refunds on your commission and automatically requests these corrections in your account. This guide walks you through requesting a Correction Subscription from CJ Customer Support and providing the necessary details in Affiliate Advertiser Pro.


Important! Affiliate Advertiser Pro customers who have signed an Agency Authorization Agreement can skip this step. Our agreement with CJ allows your Affiliate Advertiser Pro onboarding specialist to complete this process on your behalf, no additional setup necessary.

What is an Agency Authorization Agreement?


Step 1: Submit Customer Support Request

First, make sure you are logged into your CJ Affiliate account.

Navigate to the Support Center portal by clicking the question mark icon in the upper right-hand corner of the navbar, as shown below. 


This will open a new tab to CJ's Affiliate Support Center.


Click Contact Support from the navigation and scroll down to the Contact Customer Support form. Below is an example of the form completed with the necessary details.

Customer Support Request Values

Email Addresses to CC


New Import Subscription - Correction


We would like to create a Data Transfer Import Subscription for submitting Corrections using the Transfer Method of CJ SFTP and CSV file format.

Email recipient should include:

Case Reason

Data Transfer

Sub Reason

Data Transfer General

After you have completed the contact form using the values above, click Submit.


Once you have received a response from the CJ Customer Support team you may continue with Step 2.


Step 2: Retrieve the Correction Subscription details from your CJ Account

Before continuing, make sure you have received a confirmation from the CJ Customer Support team that your Correction Subscription has been created. The message should be similar to the one below.


Thanks for writing in about creating a correction subscription.

I have create the subscription and set it for the emails you provided. The transfer method is CJ SFTP. I set the subscription to CSV.

To review the subscription, you can go to the CJ Account Manager Account tab > Subscriptions.


Navigate to the Subscriptions page in your CJ Affiliate account by expanding "Account" from the top menu and clicking Subscriptions.


Find the Type: Advertiser Correction Data record in the table, as shown below.


Copy the Id from the table to provide in the Affiliate Advertiser Pro app.


Step 3: Store your Correction Subscription details in Affiliate Advertiser Pro

Navigate to the Affiliate Advertiser Pro app and click the "Edit" button underneath the CJ Affiliate Account Details section.


Paste your newly created Correction Subscription ID into the CJ Correction ID field.

Be sure to click Save!


Congrats! You've successfully created a Correction Subscription for your CJ Affiliate account and stored it in Affiliate Advertiser Pro. Our automated process to correct your commissions will kick off immediately in the background.