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What is an Agency Authorization Agreement?

The CJ Agency Authorization Agreement is a contract between CJ, Advertisers and CJ Partner Agencies that provides a Partner Agency the authority to manage all aspects of an advertiser’s CJ account, acting as a ‘Superuser’. Many advertisers choose to use an Affiliate Agency or Outsourced Program Management (OPM) provider to manage their affiliate network end-to-end. This typically entails handling all aspects of the network: creating and implementing marketing and advertising strategies, negotiating with and onboarding new publishers, and monitoring transactions and managing account balances. The reasons to use one of these partners vary, but are commonly due to their vast experience in affiliate marketing and removing the necessity for in-house affiliate network resources.

While the primary purpose of the ‘Triple A’ or ‘AAA’ is to outsource some level of management of your CJ affiliate account by granting an agency direct access, the AAA comes with many added benefits, including rate discounts and waived fees, that can save CJ advertisers thousands of dollars each year.

Rate Discounts and Waived Fees

For most advertisers on CJ’s affiliate network, the largest expenses each month are publisher commissions and CJ transaction fees on commissioned actions. Commissions and CJ fees are calculated based on an action, with the most common being Sale, Lead, or Click. CJ’s standard transaction fee for Sale actions is typically 3% of Sale amount per Transaction. By working with an agency, and therefore signing the Triple A, advertisers can expect to see a discount to the 2% – 2.5% range. That’s nearly a 35% reduction in CJ fees affiliates are paying on every transaction!

In addition to transaction fees, advertisers pay various flat rate fees for annual renewal, account setup, catalog and data transfer integrations, and logo listings.

For existing advertisers on CJ’s network, executing the AAA typically waives all of the aforementioned fees. This leads to immediate savings on the next annual renewal, plus discounts on any integrations that the advertiser has not yet taken advantage of, such as Product Catalog, Additional Actions, or Scheduled Data Transfer.

For new advertisers, when onboarding with CJ having a Triple A in place from the beginning captures all of the savings previously mentioned plus significant savings on the one-time $3,000 integration fee. With the AAA in place, new advertisers only pay a $1,000 integration fee.

Affiliate Advertiser Pro Benefits

The benefits of executing an Agency Authorization Agreement have been discussed for partners looking for assistance with running their affiliate programs, but executing one with Affiliate Advertiser Pro unlocks additional benefits through our Affiliate Advertiser Pro app.

Whether you choose to continue running your affiliate program in-house or with an existing agency agreement, we encourage all Affiliate Advertiser Pro customers to sign a Triple A with us as well. In addition to the benefits outlined above that customers continue to receive, an agreement with Affiliate Advertiser Pro allows our system to directly integrate with CJ’s API.

With the direct access provided to AAA partners, our team of onboarding specialists will complete all of the Affiliate Advertiser Pro installation and setup steps for your CJ affiliate account, creating a seamless onboarding experience that starts recouping your commissions immediately.