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Generating a Personal Access Token

Connecting Affiliate Advertiser Pro with your CJ Affiliate account via API is necessary for our systems to interface directly with your account. We do this through utilizing a unique Personal Access Token from your CJ Affiliate account. This guide walks you through generating this secure access token and providing it in Affiliate Advertiser Pro.

Important! Affiliate Advertiser Pro customers who have signed an Agency Authorization Agreement can skip ALL of these steps. Our agreement with CJ allows your Affiliate Advertiser Pro onboarding specialist to complete this process on your behalf, no additional setup necessary.

What is an Agency Authorization Agreement?

Step 1: Navigate to the CJ Developer Portal

Navigate to the Personal Access Token page on by expanding "Authentication" from the left-hand menu and clicking Personal Access Token. Alternatively, you can follow this direct link:

Step 2: Log into your CJ Affiliate Account

If you aren't already logged in to the Superuser account for your CJ Affiliate account, you will see the following button displayed.
Click this button and login to the Superuser account to continue.

Step 3: Register a new Personal Access Token

To register a new Personal Access Token, first you'll input a name for the token. We recommend something descriptive like affiliate_advertiser_pro_app. Next click "Register".

The following alert box will appear with a random sequence of numbers and letters after the Token Name you supplied. Copy this Personal Access Token to provide in the Affiliate Advertiser Pro app.

Important! As the alert states, this token will never be shown again so you must copy and paste it. If you accidentally dismiss the alert before copying the token, you will need to repeat Step 3. We recommend leaving the Personal Access Token browser tab open until you have completed Step 4, just in case.

Step 4: Store your Personal Access Token in Affiliate Advertiser Pro

  1. Navigate to the Affiliate Advertiser Pro app and click the "Store Settings" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. The CJ Affiliate Account Details form will be displayed. Click the "Edit" button underneath the CJ Affiliate Account Details section to unlock the form.
  3. Input your CJ Affiliate Personal Access Token into the CJ Access Token field.
  4. Be sure to click Save!

Congrats! You've successfully generated a Personal Access Token for your CJ Affiliate account and stored it in Affiliate Advertiser Pro. Our automated process to retrieve commissions for attribution and validation will kick off immediately in the background.